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1974 & The Death Of The Herald

by 1974

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Heavy times of gray The tears we've had to stay We are suffering blows in the Great Galactic War Fighter's fallen fate In dismal dark decay We need soldiers to feed to the Great Galactic War Shield now our citizens Maintain their innocence Send up the satellites And let them marvel at the grid Mirrored flesh create The need to replicate But the Gemini's failed in the Great Galactic War All will see their loss Nothing's worth this cost So they shook hands and ended the Great Galactic War All sides are standing still Homelands are sutured 'til Whole worlds revitalize In truce, we disengage the grid
Phantoms 04:30
Born in the breath of the stillness From a whisper's echoing call From the cold and menacing ghost of forgotten moments Dark were the forces that marked us They are buried in our bones From the wounds of the innocent friends we left below us But there's no place to hide them now As our world returns anew And the pain we didn't let in Hear its call, "Welcome home" 'Cause there' nothing left to fight To take our minds away from... There are faces in the distance That have longed for deference Since the sight of them had brought us to our knees They are moving ever closer And they haunt each step we take For the restless souls will fight for their own remembrance But there's no place to hide them now As our world returns anew And the pain we didn't let in Hear its call, "Welcome home" 'Cause there' nothing left to fight To take our minds away from this
(Chasing thunder) Flashes of resistance from a dying earth (Mankind's blunder) Seeking retribution for the horrors birthed Within the storm (Gather hope) A fragile plot unravels at the seams (Can we cope) Will we be the afterthought of dreams conceived Within the storm Death won't stop us now The pattern's in the code sing out loud We'll tear away the shroud The sun will find it's way through the clouds
The seeds of doubt begin to blossom You're getting closer to rock bottom 'Cause the power you command Is it too big for your hands to hold on A quiet panic as you stumble The foundation starts to rumble 'Cause the tower's getting high And it's hanging like a scythe in the sun
We have seen too many tragedies And an absence of solutions We have felt the heavy gravity that held us down There have been too many casualties And we can't bear another burden We deserve a new reality to take control Because we'll all be alone When we disappear We can't make it home So we'll stay right here And the time is now We are filled with new vitality At the promise of our future We erase our own mortality to embrace life We are standing at the turning point And a chance for new beginnings We will laud the liberation from our final breath And now we won't be alone There's no need for fear We'll rebuild our homes And we'll start right here And the time is now
There's no more anxious hesitation The world looks bright Brighter than before Each step is new and takes me closer to freedom On an unfamiliar path The taste of Eden's fruit is heaven (yes it is) You know there's nothing now that we can't do, so let's... Let's think of all the things that we've been afraid To do in the past Hold yourself, though the urge is strong An early light will cast a shadow long Break away, find the right and wrong They deal in forces that needs understanding Is this the path we are meant to choose? You feel the pressure weighing down on you Think of everything we have to lose Breaking for illusions of a new beginning There is no choice we need to question We're saying yes to every thought that moves Around the impulses that flash through our visions As we make up our minds How could our lives get any better? It's you and me and all the time in the world to Carve out a fearlessness that carries our bodies Through a grand eternity
Vera 04:40
There's a shadow creeping On your life, it's feeding And the trauma leaves an emptiness inside There's a merchant grinning While his hands are sinning And his death machine grows stronger in the light And the crowds, they gather 'round No, they're bowing down Can't they hear the sound Hear the warnings of the whispers in the night Follow the path of our fathers in the past (Please save us, o Vera, please save us) We will leave the sterile serpentines behind Every thought created For his ego sated We are hooked and bated, blinded by our pride It's a poison sweetness They demand you eat this We will not become the victim of his crime And the crowds still gather 'round No, they're bowing down Can't they hear the sound Hear the warnings of the whispers in the night Follow the path of our fathers in the past (Please save us, o Vera, please save us) We will leave the sterile serpentines behind One by one, we'll fight the storm
Courage and honor Paupers and scholars Deadbeats and fathers And young men and daughters Commencing a mission with no hope in sight No one had known the true strength of their might Sacrifice stained with no grace for our toil While fathers and brothers are still warm in the soil Have given their life Seen formidable strife To keep you alive Sounds asleep in their earthen sheets An army disarming their peace There's a call to retreat To infinity To divinity In ivory towers, your dismissive power Your void postulations have rotted and soured My comrades were hung while you were stealing our funds And loving your neighbor through the end of a gun I've given the orders I've pined over soldiers Defended every indefensible order And when the day's done, you can say that we've won But winning that day was how fast you could run
Violence in the council hall The trigger lighting as the handle falls The Bleeding Heart, the Admiral, and the Doctor Rage within the naked walls
Hush, hush now and open the door Close your eyes Ease your mind Hear their hearts all tired and torn You're the only one who can raise the sun Thick and heavy waves of dark uncertainty Slow my pace Flashes of a power indestructible And the feeling goes Raise the shield and pick up the sword Trust your soul Take control Sacrifice they'll have to endure You're the only one who holds the gun Shaken to the fiber of morality Thrown away Hardened in the heart to keep the oath I swore To defend this world
Abduction 05:22
Behold, the Admiral has breached the inner walls Corridors taken swiftly 'round the Herald's halls Against his will, the Herald stolen from the yard Heartbeats growing from the knowledge under guard He descends The Herald whisked away before the winter's call The barren landscape revealing windows to us all The prison's shallow wake denies we make a stand The peace was ripped apart with shallow reprimand The balance of the paradigm collapses through a quickened pace The parcel loses consciousness The rider starts the arduous race Into the gray
Ultimatum 03:36
Your idealism rots your insides where you stand Throwing your chance away was your line in the sand You could be the savior But you chose to be the martyr Tossing blades into their hearts Dismiss the anguish that they harbor We've been so close to victory We've held it in our hands We've rectified our history So save us all And make the call You'll free us all Or we will fall My vision turned against me right before my eyes The options left to me are choices in disguise Ooo, your grand salvation has a price Your vision culminates in deadly sacrifice I've founded mankind's victory I've given them a chance I've rectified our history I've saved us all It's not your call We will stand tall You'd kill us all I'll make this situation fair to comprehend 'Cause only one decision saves you from your end I'm left to weigh my growing fear against my soul My actions guided as I'm giving up control My virtue lost its innocence The future turns to gray The frequencies in dissonance What have I done? Bowed to the gun Destroyed the sun What have I done?
Hold Here is the light that pulses a heartbeat Capture its tune and let it grow Here is the code that everything follows Here in my hands that tremble The wait is burning The earth is turning The angels singing Paranoia stinging Beyond my calling The seas are squalling No plot for vengeance Is my final sentence The purpose has run Survival takes hold An instinct of violence to keep what is owed And the time is now


released October 26, 2013

Mike Forgette - Guitars, Vox
Tim Moore - Drums, Vox
Gary Dionne - Bass, Vox
Adam Clymer - Guitars
Angela Piccoli - Keys

Produced by 1974 and Jeff Weed
Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Jeff Weed


all rights reserved



1974 Connecticut

1974 is a five-piece progressive/classic rock band.

Focusing on concept albums set in a technologically advanced future, 1974 crafts a musically diverse and dynamic soundscape full of riffs, hooks, and vocal harmony to tell complex stories.

In 2012, the band won "Best New Band" at the 1st Annual CT Music Awards at The Bushnell Theater. The following year, the band won "Best Rock Band".
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